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I like drawing on my hand. Its my favorite pass time when I get bored

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Yellow wristbands against violence for my high school 2 years ago. I got bored and decided to draw on them and make them more eye-catching

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Target is a big tub of toys

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Legends in the making

Legends in the making

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This is Julia, http://juliaarose.tumblr.com/post/8162512874, my bestfriend since *ever. We go back since freshman year of high school and we are still as close as it was before. She’s such an awesome person. She’s pretty, she’s funny with her amazingly dry sarcastic humor, she’s a good dancer, she’s a good singer, and she has an undeniably attractive baby voice that’ll just petrify your face. She’s understanding, caring, and clever. This is Julia. She’s cool, follow her!

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Its the simplest things in life that make us happy

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One of those rare reblogs

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youstillhaven'trebloggedmylovelypicture. and you're also awful at responding to texts. also, don't publish this. i'm pathetic. HHAAHAH.

You’re not pathetic haha